Welcome, gentlemen! I will first indulge your expectations, by offering the statistics, so that we may move on to far more interesting fare. I am a mature, sophisticated, and ivy-league educated 47 year old woman, standing at 5'4", with a slender and petite, yet muscular physique. My measurements are 34D Enhanced-27-30 smooth creamy complexion is complimented by my amber eyes, and my onyx tresses, that fall just below my shoulders. I am an exotic amalgamation of Eastern European and Russian descent.

      I prefer not to conform to the typical paradigm of the adult companion. My interests, offerings, and rare gifts are extraordinarily variegated. Instead, I consider myself as an artist, a muse, and a performer in the theater of erotica, sensuality, and all things mystical. I truly enjoy my sensual side and the opportunity to both establish and maintain a mutually satisfying rapport with those whom I have the pleasure of meeting along the way. Discover my eccentricities & seductive images, by exploring my social media: Follow/Join me on Twitter. I AM PREFERRED 411 VERIFIED ID#345353

@DeviAdelaide I also plan on traveling well in 2021, and I might just be in your hometown. I strongly urge you to devour my alternate touring site www.adelaidedevi.escortbook.com My Touring page will give you a very personal and deep view into both my psyche and my soul.

      I strive to always oblige my guests as both the perfect hostess. I invite you to join me on a most delightful journey of esoteric temptations. Sit back, relax, and indulge in the pleasure of discovering my most unusual persona, as you slowly unravel the many layers of my mind, body, and spirit.  



Adelaide Devi xoxo

Adelaide Devi