Screening is an absolute must! No exceptions! Please use email for general inquiries only, and condense your questions into no more than a few emails, at most. Incorrectly or incomplete contact forms will be ignored. As will requests for selfies, one word, anonymous text messages, and any explicit, coded, or vulgar language. Your discretion is assured. I only keep contact forms until you have been screened.

     If you are having an issue or question about the form, email me. You must have a verifiable reference or proof of employment! As for your visit, tell me what type and duration of the visit, as well as the date and exact time ( or at lest a general idea). I do not take walk-ins! Please pre-book. Last minute requests will not be possible.

Do NOT send texts that say "Heyyy, Hi, avail?, you around, give me the address, send me selfies, I need a face pic, I need a discount." These will be discarded.

You MUST have a provider reference OR provide ID (address obscured), plus employment information (a Linkedin profile, occupation, ID, business card, work ID or website. Basically, something with your name and work affiliation on it, that matches the name on your ID. Simply adding "Sales, retired, and Self-employed," are not acceptable. If a field does not apply to you, put N/A.

 If you are including a reference from a provider, please let her know in advance that I will be contacting her. Please include any information in the message field that you feel is important regarding our appointment. If you are not able to provide me with a reference, or I cannot reach the provider, be prepared to choose an alternate method of screening and verification, as outlined in the above section. No exceptions.

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