Please read through the following compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions, misconceptions, and confusion, regarding my services and protocols for booking a visit and following proper etiquette.


  • Q: What is the best way to contact you?

    A: Please make initial contact through the contact form on my website or via email. I prefer not to book visits through texts!

  • Q: What should I say to ensure that you take my inquiry seriously?

    A: Start by introducing yourself. Avoid using explicit, vulgar, and coded language. Please refrain from sending one-word, anonymous emails that say things like "heyyy, hi, avail?, where you at." I do not take these seriously and delete them. My gifts are not negotiable, nor do I offer visits of less than one hour. I ignore calls from blocked numbers and cannot return voicemail messages, if you fail to leave me your number. I am a low-volume GFE, Tantric, and dominant BDSM practitioner, who prefers a regular group of guests to whom I offer a non-rushed and highly personalized experience. I welcome new gentlemen who share an interest in this type of relationship. I do not offer phone or online services.

  • Q: I do not fill out contact forms, OR your contact form does not work.

    A: If you do not wish to be screened, contact somebody else. I will not make an exception for you, unless you are being referred to me via a previously seen guest. If the contact form won't work, it is likely because you left fields blank. Put "N/A" in a field that is not applicable to you. Forms listing your occupation as sales, retired, student, or self-employed with no elaboration, using an agency as a reference, not providing your reference's contact information, using fake names, failure to list a type, duration, date, and time for your visit, will be considered incomplete.


  • Q: What may I use as proof of employment?

    A: Your job title, and a valid government issued photo ID (with your address obscured), a student or work ID, recent pay stub, work-related website mentioning you, business card, or even a LinkedIn profile. This is done for my comfort and safety only. After screening, the only information I keep, is that which refers to contacting you and your visit. The form itself is deleted


  • Q: I'm not sure what kind of visit is right for me? How do I choose?

    A: Either in the message field on the contact form or in an email, please express your interests and I will help you to choose something that will suit your needs. I have Tantra resources on my Links Page and there is a wealth of information available via a Google search.

  • Q: I need to see a bunch of selfies, face pics, or meet you beforehand to make sure you are real.

    A: My advertisements, profiles, social media, and site have ample photos and I do not send , post, or advertise face pics ever for privacy reasons. In addition to my Client Testimonials page, locations of where my reviews can be found are listed on the Honorarium page.

  • Q: May I just hang out with you outside of a scheduled visit?

    A: No. If you'd like to have a dinner date, travel, or attend some social engagement with me, I expect to always be compensated for my time. Also, please do not abundantly text or email, as I receive so many communique throughout the day, I simply do not have time to respond to an on-going all day email or text thread from any single individual. Please condense your questions into as few texts and emails as possible.


  • Q: What if I want to see you right now?

    A: Same-day visits are available with at least a few hours advance notice. There are no rushed, "right now ASAP" visits available. Unless I have a spur of the moment cancellation, I am rarely able to oblige a last minute request. I only consider this for previously seen visitors, who do not need to be screened.


  • Q: What if I want to see you outside of your normal hours?

    A: I will occasionally oblige these requests; however, I will expect an additional gift of 50 to 100 and up, depending on the type of visit, and the duration of the visit.

  • Q: Where are you located?  A: In a quiet, discreet, private apartment, convenient to all major highways and areas of Las Vegas.

  • Q: Do you offer outcall visits?

  • A: Yes! Outcall visits are available at better hotels and in reputable neighborhoods. The more notice you give me, the more likely it is that I will be able to oblige your request. If I am seeing you at a hotel, you must give me your room number before my departure. Gifts for outcall VARY and are greater than incall gifts, due to my travel time. If you are a significant distance from me, I will require that the visit be of more than an hour. If I am to visit you in your home, please use a provider reference, if possible.

  • Q: What is Tantra?

    A: Tantra combines the esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, with sensual massage techniques, meditation, mindfulness through deep breathing techniques, Chakra balancing, Reiki Attunements, as well as numerous erotic elements, to produce a protracted and highly sensory experience, that is both healing, relaxing, and aids in the improvement of erotic health and performance. Longer visits are recommended and Tantra is absolutely sensational when combined with Nuru massage. It goes above and beyond your wildest expectations, in comparison to the usual GFE visit. Tantra is best suited to those with an open mind and an intentional goal for their visit. I have provided some Tantric resources on my Links page, and a Google search will yield ample results.

  • Q: Do you take outfit requests?

    A: I have an immense wardrobe of dress attire, as well as cosplay outfits, and seductive lingerie. If you have something specific in mind that you would like to purchase, please send me a link to the item, so I may help you choose the proper size, as I do NOT fall into the one size fits most/all category.

  • Q: Do you see couples and transgender guests?

    A: Yes; however, for couples, I must receive contact forms with the information of both parties involved, either on a single form or separately. I also suggest that the three of us engage in a phone conversation, to ensure we are all on the same page. I am open to receiving transgender and non-binary guests; however, please inform me of your gender identification, when filling out the contact form. I also visit with ladies, as I identify myself as a bisexual woman.

  • Q: Do you tour?

    A: I will typically only be available in the greater Las Vegas area; however, you can fly me to you at any location, with advanced notice, and the proper deposit. I have a valid passport. If you plan on visiting the Las Vegas area, I suggest pre-booking, to ensure your desired visit date and time. If you'd like me to consider touring your city, email me!

  • Q: Do you accept Preferred 411 as a screening method?

    A: I am not a member and the site is not currently accepting new member. If you are a member, there is a method by which you may add me as a guest and I may view your profile. If you choose to do so, I will be happy to accept your profile on the site in lieu of traditional screening methods.


  • Q: Do you party?

    A: No! I will be happy to enjoy a bit of wine with you and I am 420 friendly, but that is as far as it goes! If you arrive inebriated, bring, or appear to be under the influence of any other illicit substance, you will be asked to leave!


  • Q: Do you have pets?

    A: Yes! I have two feline friends. Please advise me of any allergies that you may have.

Lastly, please be courteous and respectful at all times and I will reciprocate. Do not ask my real name or ply me for information regarding my personal life, and I will afford you the same level of privacy and respect. Take the time to introduce yourself, so that we may get to know each other prior to meeting for the first time.

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